CWH 2019 Resident Survey

This year is the second year we’ve engaged CHIA NSW to conduct our annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey. We’re happy to see improvements in various areas including ability to influence decision making and tenant involvement which have increased by 11% and 9% respectively. You can see the full 2019 results and our commitments at

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City West Stories - Lisa

Letters from the Landlord

Lisa had been living in Glebe for 11 years when she received a letter from her landlord that the apartment complex she was living in had been sold. Not knowing what this meant for her current housing, Lisa soon found out it she was going to incur a whopping $160 a week rent increase.

Lisa was in her 60's by this stage and working 10-12 hour days as a shift worker. Lisa came to the realisation that the new rent was not sustainable and made the decision to move. “Ihad anxiety every time I got a letter what it would mean, whether the landlord was selling or putting up the rent as I had experienced both.” However, with work and life circumstances it was no easy feat to find a safe, affordable apartment in the city.

Lisa put her belongings in storage and was staying with a friend when she received an offer from CWH.

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Sunday Best Community Lunch

Sunday 16 June wasn't just any ordinary Sunday. It was the day of the first-ever Sunday Best community lunch hosted by CWH in partnership with the City of Sydney.

The lunch began with a quick session of networking and reconnecting, neighbours meeting new neighbours and old friends. What an astonishing sight it was, to see so many people from different backgrounds and ages chatting, laughing and hugging in the one room. The buzz and excitement was infectious!

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