I live at the Platform apartments with my two year old son Arlo. I work as an arts administrator part time, so I'm really happy to be living right next door to Carriageworks, which is one of my favourite exhibition and performance spaces.

I love the inner west. There's a strong sense of community and diversity, and I think the two are connected. And I'm really happy with the emphasis that City West Housing places on community-building.It's such a forward-thinking approach, and presents some great opportunities for pooling resources and making things possible that might be difficult to achieve individually.

I'm interested in low impact, low cost ways of living, with an emphasis on quality of life. Living close to my work means I don't need a car, so I can ride my bike or walk each day. I've started a Harvest Hub food delivery group with a group of Platform residents - members don't pay a delivery fee for good-quality, affordable and locally-sourced fruit and veg and other groceries. It's a good, convenient way of ensuring our money goes to the supplier and not one of the supermarket chains, as well as getting good fresh food on the table.

One of the things I love about the inner west is the community gardens established by and for locals. I love seeing things grow, and I think it makes our cities better places for people to live. With the support of City West Housing, a core group of The Platform residents are working with Jon Kingston, a horticulturalist and community gardener, on getting our rooftop garden to function as a sustainable fruit and veg garden.

Anyone that wants to get involved in the garden is welcome! 
You can also find more information about HarvestHub here.