CWH Feature in The Place Economy by Hoyne

Last month, Hoyne released its second volume of The Place Economya project that sets out to prove the link between better placemaking and societal benefit, via a collection of case studies, interviews and feature stories. Considered global thought leaders in place branding and placemaking The Place Economy showcases the brilliant outcomes that arise when government, commerce and communities listen to each other and collaborate in the building of cities. 
Hoyne reached out to City West Housing to feature our development The Platform Apartments in this latest volume, shining the spotlight on the potential for CHP’s to produce developments that reach high levels of design both aesthetically and contribute to vibrant communities. The Platform Apartments in Eveleigh were designed by Architectus who also interviewed for our feature.

“This provision of well-considered amenable affordable housing within centrally located mixed use precincts is vital to the liveability of our cities. This project is an outstanding example of the affordable housing model as it is innovative, highly amenable, environmentally efficient and designed for purpose.” – Architectus, excerpt from The Place Economy

The book was originally created for members of the property industry who were dissatisfied with the mechanical approach to development, the watering down of innovation and the mediocre financial and social returns most developments achieved. City West is proud to be linked to such a project and be recognised amongst other individuals and organisations pushing the paradigm, and creating places where everyone prospers.

“Part of City West Housing’s philosophy is about changing perceptions around affordable housing. That was the whole reason for ‘up-speccing’ the design at Platform Apartments. You get buy-in from surrounding communities because the building doesn’t look different. It’s not out of place.” –CWH, excerpt from The Place Economy

As with the first volume of The Place Economy, Hoyne will proudly continue to donate 100 per cent of the proceeds from book sales towards helping Habitat for Humanity Australia in their crucial work.