At City West Housing (CWH) we are committed to providing the best possible service for our residents and improving our understanding of the service areas where we excel and where there are opportunities to improve.

CWH is working with the Community Housing Industry Association NSW (CHIA NSW) to administer our 2019 Tenant Satisfaction Survey. By now you should have received  a letter from CHIA NSW, along with a copy of the  2019 annual resident survey to complete. You can complete the survey either online or hardcopy. 

The survey is very important to CWH because it provides us with key information about the services that we are providing to you. The survey information helps us to understand our strengths and areas where we need to refocus our efforts. 

Similar to last year, we have included questions about your quality of life in this survey. The reason for this is because CWH is keen to know what impact the delivery of affordable housing has on the quality of life of our residents. To measure this, we have included 8 questions to generate a score on the Personal Wellbeing Index (PWI). Participation in this study is voluntary. If you decide not to participate, it will not affect your tenancy and you can withdraw your consent to participate at any time. If you do choose to participate, CWH will de-identify all your information and will keep your responses fully confidential. 

CWH would really appreciate your time and effort in completing the questions. To find out more about the PWI see For more information from CWH about the use of the PWI you can contact Sam Ngui, Head of Housing Services at

The survey should be completed by the head tenant and include information on all household members. The information you provide will be completely anonymous. Please complete the survey by Friday 3 May. 

We really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey; by completing it we will enter you into an CWH prize draw where you could win one of 5 Westfield gift cards worth $200.

If you have any queries about completing this survey, please call the Office on 8584 7500