2018 CWH AGM

On Thursday, December 6 we held the 24th CWH AGM at Customs House, Sydney. Our annual report was presented,

Chair Mike Rollo presented current and future strategic initiatives which have yielded strong results and promise a positive outlook for 2019 and beyond.

CEO Leonie King presented a review of the year highlighting areas of growth, the work we have undertaken and to answer any questions our shareholders had.

Rene McKenzie-Low, Head of Community and External Engagement, as well as a CWH resident from the CWH TV group, presented the launch of the new Community Impact Strategy. The document will help inform resident community engagement and community building in the future.

We farewelled Director Clare Petre after more than two years of service. Clare made an invaluable contribution to CWH, including her guidance in the Community Engagement and Housing Services Committee.

CWH also welcomed two new Directors Maree Walk and Diana D’Ambra, we wish them well in their tenure on the board.

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Pyrmont Network of Services (PUNS) networking event and workshop

CWH as a committee member of the Pyrmont Ultimo Network of Serves (PUNS), attended a networking event and workshop on the 22 and 23January. PUNS was founded in 2016 to work collaboratively to improve coordination and delivery of social services and programs to Ultimo and Pyrmont communities, and enable more effective and efficient use of available resources. 

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What is 'rental arrears' and how does it impact your tenancy?

Rental arrears occur when a resident has not paid their rent in full past the due date.
To maintain registration as a Community Housing Provider CWH is required to ensure that rent outstanding as a percentage of total potential rent is not greater than 2.5%. We also rely on rent to cover the cost of our operations, including maintenance. This is why it is important to us that residents keep their  accounts in advance. Another reason is that having your rent in arrears puts your tenancy at risk. 
CWH and their housing coordinators work hard to encourage and support residents to sustain tenancies including being a point of referral to services. 

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