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"I love living in my City West Housing unit and I never knew how it would positively impact my life in so many different ways. It has given me a stable place to live in my early career which has been trying at times but having my unit made me push through. It’s made my relationships more stable and made my health better."
- Alice
  Operations Manager


"City West are the best! I’m incredibly grateful that I am able to live in a vibrant city at an affordable rent. The convenience of being able to live near where I work also allows me to have a well-balanced lifestyle, which basically means plenty of time for cooking which I love!"
- Richard
  NSW Citizenship Ceremonies Officer



"When my family and I immigrated to Australia from Mauritius in 1970, our first steps on Australian soil was in Pyrmont, and although I’ve had the privilege of living in the city for years, today it’s no longer affordable. I'm so fortunate to have my CWH apartment which has allowed me to stay close to my friends and family and community services place of work. Without my CWH apartment I can’t imagine how far I would have to travel to work or even worse, being separated from my support networks.”
- Lee
  Home Care Support Worker

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