Resident Forum


A resident forum is an opportunity for residents to speak and connect with CWH staff in person, put faces to names and build relationships that positively impact the future of CWH. That’s exactly what happened in March of this year. CWH held their first resident forum and it went even better than expected.

Residents who attended were proactive in raising concerns and giving constructive feedback and CWH staff were able to dispel myths and openly communicate with residents about what we do and why we do it. Various subjects were covered including; rent and water statements, mail theft, rent reviews, future developments and what happens when residents reach retirement. 

Following an open forum residents had morning tea and then moved to different tables in a ‘world café’ style workshop. Each table had an Executive and scribe from CWH and focused on identifying challenges and concerns, getting feedback and ideas and documenting suggested improvements. 

 The feedback and ideas from this forum were invaluable and for that reason, we’ve taken time and care in collating our response. 

 You can check out the full document HERE or the sections that you are interested in below.

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Read our feedback around communication HERE

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Read our feedback about processes HERE

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Read feedback for all things community and residents HERE

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Read feedback for building questions and suggestions HERE