tenant survey

In 2018, we engaged NSW Federation of Housing (now known as CHIA NSW the peak body for community housing providers) to undertake the annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

The aims of the survey are to:

  • Establish levels of tenant satisfaction with our services

  • Benchmark performance levels against other providers

  • Inform future service delivery improvements

2018 Key results:

Performance Overview

  • 89% Satisfaction with housing services overall
    (above the 75% benchmark)

  • 88% Satisfaction with Property condition
    (above the 75% benchmark)

  • 77% Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance
    (above the 75% benchmark)

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 3.04.04 pm.png

Housing Services

  • 86% value for money

  • 84% rights as a tenant upheld

  • 84% life has improved since living in a CWH property

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Repairs and Maintenance

  • 86% said that repairs staff were helpful and attentive

  • 82% were satisfied that the contractor was respectful and courteous towards them and their property

  • 80% said that their call was answered in a timely manner or their message was returned promptly

  • 78% said that the contractor called to make an appointment

  • 78% were satisfied that dirt and mess was kept to a minimum

  • 74% were satisfied with the quality of the repair work overall (compared to a benchmark of 77%)

  • 70% were satisfied with how long it would take to make the repair

Complaints and Appeals

  • 78% were satisfied with how easy it was to make a complaint

  • 67% were satisfied with the information and advice provided by staff

  • 52% were satisfied with being kept informed about the progress of the complaint

  • 54% were satisfied with the speed with which the complaint was dealt with

  • 55% were satisfied with the outcome of the complaint

  • 56% were satisfied with the way the complaint was dealt with overall (above the benchmark of 50%)

Communication & Engagement

  • 86% information provision

  • 85% communication

  • 72% tenant involvement

  • 66% listening to residents views and acting on them

  • 50% ability to influence decision-making

Home and Neighbourhood

  • 94% transport in their area

  • 92% suitability of their home to their circumstances

  • 91% services available in their area

  • 89% neighbourhood as a place to live

  • 88% size of their home

  • 86% safety of their home

Tenant Priorities

  • 62% value for money for the rent you pay

  • 60% repairs and maintenance

  • 52% overall condition of your home

  • 43% your neighbourhood as a place to live

  • 32% your rights as a resident upheld by CWH

  • 29% CWH listening to residents views and acting on them

  • 25% communications with CWH


Where we can improve

Overall this is a positive set of results. In comparison to the benchmarks, CWH comfortably out-performed the benchmarks for overall satisfaction (by 14%) and condition of home (by 13%). Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance was just over the benchmark (by 2%). Areas where we can improve our service delivery and our overall resident experience, such as:

1. Repairs and maintenance:

While satisfaction with the repairs service (77%) is just above the industry benchmark, aspects of the repairs service also had some of the highest proportion of ‘dissatisfied’ responses (e.g. out of hours repairs service; 30% dissatisfied and quality of repair; 16% dissatisfied).

2. Tenant engagement:

Tenant engagement indicators were 4% - 11% below the benchmark.

3. complaints and appeals:

Overall satisfaction with how the complaint was handled (56% satisfied), was also one of the worst performing areas with the highest levels of dissatisfaction (27% dissatisfied).

So what are we doing?

1. Repairs and maintenance:

  • Introduced trackable Quality Audits

  • Introduction of joint Tenancy and Asset inspections by technical staff

  • Regular contractor meetings

  • Change of reporting requirements on our IT platform

2. tenant engagement:

  • The reinstatement of a tenant advisory group (CWH TV) with monthly meetings

  • Development of CWH TV group charter

  • Development of CWH Community Impact Strategy

  • Feedback on the following for Community Engagement:

    • Upcoming Events /Community Engagements for CWH

    • Tenant forum/dates/agenda items

3. complaints handling:

  • Updated Complaints and Appeals policy

  • Updated tenant handbook on the CWH website