Waste and Rubbish Resident Working Group

Do you feel passionate about the cleanliness of your building and want to be proud of where you live? 

Are you interested in achieving efficient and effective waste management at a household and building level?

Or perhaps you are having trouble keeping up with your family's garbage output and would like to be more proactive?

Let’s be honest, waste management is a major pain point for many residents. Whilst most do the right thing (put their rubbish in the appropriate coloured bins i.e. paper/plastics/general waste etc.), the behaviour of a few is having a substantial impact.  

So, what can I do?
CWH are looking for a collective group of passionate residents who would like to make a difference in reducing their buildings waste and improving resident communication and education about waste reduction.

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The more residents that get involved, the more powerful effect we can have on our environment in a positive way!